Sentient Lasers Unveils Dot Demo Service

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 | Personnel/Company News , Lasers & Light Devices , Product Launches and Updates

Sentient Lasers has launched its new, Dot Demo service. The Dot Demo service provides customers with a live video demonstration of a laser of their choice from the comfort of their home or office.

Dot Demo is designed to make it easier for current and potential customers to learn about the lasers they’re interested in purchasing. They can virtually view the laser, ask questions about it, watch it function properly, and make sure all accessories and parts are accounted for as specified Sentient says.

Along with launching the Dot Demo service, Sentient Lasers also has unveiled a new website that allows users to search by brand, model or procedure and browse through hundreds of lasers. The site features the ability for owners to sell their lasers in a safe, easy way. The entire Blue Dot Certification process is detailed through the site providing the full process. Additionally, the website features a 24-hour live video feed so that customers can see into every aspect of Sentient Lasers’ operation from the entryway and office suites to the shipping area and warehouse. 

To schedule a Dot Demo on Sentient Lasers’ website, users can simply search through Sentient Lasers’ vast inventory of Blue Dot Certified lasers, find the product they are interested in virtually viewing, and schedule a time with a specialist.

In 2017, Sentient launched its proprietary Blue Dot Certification®, a 20-point inspection created to ensure quality, longevity, transparency and safety for aesthetic lasers. The certification has set a standard in the industry, guaranteeing that customers receive the best and safest possible product, following a rigorous refurbishing process.

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