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Currents: Cosmetic Advancements In Focus

March 2019—Hyperhidrosis May Up Risk for Anxiety, Depression and ADD Individuals with hyperhidrosis are more likely to have anxiety, depression, and attention deficit disorder, accord…


March 2019—News and views from Music City SCALE

Let’s Play Buzzword Bingo

Neal Bhatia, Chief Medical Editor

March 2019—This is dedicated to our friends in pharma…and you know who are.

Toxin Trends

With Michael Gold, MD

March 2019—From new toxins to new thoughts on duration of effect to micro injections, the toxin market is growing in dermatology.

Aesthetic Products Coming Soon: A Global Update

Hassan Galadari, MD

March 2019—A look at injectable aesthetics on the horizon.

A Tale of Two Toxins

With Ava Shamban, MD and Jeffrey Dover, MD

March 2019—From a recent approval to a late-stage candidate, the field is evolving. Experts weigh in on the latest.

Take a Load Off Your Back: A How-To Guide

Gaurav Singh, MD, MPH

March 2019—Dermatologic surgeons spend their days bent over exam tables to perform procedures. Their backs may suffer.

Transitioning a Medical Dermatology Practice to a Cosmetic Dermatology Practice

Suneel Chulukuri, MD and Kim Campbell

March 2019—The transition is natural for many practices. Key is to set and follow a plan.


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