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Practical Dermatology® Magazine Recognizes Top Content

January 2018—Here’s the most popular content from Practical Dermatology® brands online.

Therapeutics Update: Notable Approvals in 2017

December 2017—A look at the newest additions to the medicine chest.

A Highly Effective Topical Compounded Medication for the Treatment of Cutaneous Warts

Steven Leon MS, PA-C and Gennady Rubinstein, MD, FAAD

November 2017—A compounded formulation with an adhesive vehicle shows promise for one of the most common and frustrating conditions to treat in dermatology.

Lyme Disease Update

Q&A with Sunjya K. Schweig, MD

October 2017—Exploring current thinking about Lyme Disease diagnosis and treatment.

Skin Bugs and Travel Bugs: An Update for Clinicians

Franchesca Choi, RPh, MD; Candidate; Natasha Mesinkovska, MD, PhD; and Manuel Valdebran, MD

October 2017—Skin disease is the third most common medical problem that travelers encounter. Heres’ what you need to know about diagnosis and treatment.

Onychomycosis: Confirming the Diagnosis is Critical

Paul Winnington, Editorial Director

October 2017—Failure to confirm the diagnosis can have significant long-term consequences for patients.

Know Your Lesions: The Many Variations of Seborrheic Keratosis

Gary Goldenberg, MD

June 2017—SKs are benign lesions that may be removed for medical or aesthetic reasons. It’s essential to distinguish SKs from malignant lesions.

Digital Photomapping (DPM) in Mohs

Michael B. Lipp, DO; Alyx Rosen, MD; and Martin N. Zaiac, MD

June 2017—One key part to the success of Mohs Micrographic Surgery (MMS) is the ability to replicate the position and orientation of a skin cancer within the histologic slide using free…


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