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Lack of Support Drives Psoriasis Patients to Social Media

Lack of support from family and friends drives psoriasis patients to use social media, a new study from the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) found. According to the finding…

C-reactive Protein Correlates with Psoriasis Severity


C-reactive protein (CRP), the inflammatory marker associated with increased risk for heart disease, may be a suitable marker for psoriasis severity and the effects of treatmen…

Cyclosporine in Psoriasis Treatment

Clinical Solutions

Cyclosporine may be one of the best but least commonly utilized psoriasis treatments. Its onset of action and facility of usage helps many patients not only with acute exacerb…

Antibiotic Shows Promise in Psoriasis


The antibiotic azithromycin appears to produce a durable response in psoriasis (Eur J Dermatol; 20(3):329-33). In a controlled trial lasting 48 weeks, 80 percent of subjects t…


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